Kathmandu: Based on the renowned play “Chyatiyeko Parda” by Govindbhadur Malla ‘Gothale,’ a play with the same name is currently being staged at Kalikasthan-based Sarwanam Theatre. The direction and conceptualization of this play are done by L. Her Samaah. The play will be staged from Jestha 7 to Jestha 9.

Written by Gothale in 2013, this play depicts the portrayal of a family’s situation in the contemporary context. L. Her Samaah Group aims to present the play in the context of the year 2080. Regarding the concept, playwright Thakuri says, “In reality, we sometimes exist in life, and sometimes in the play. There is a thin line between the play and life. Life teaches the play, and the play teaches life.” The play features performances by Larisha Magar, Sanrachana Sharma, Sambhavi Siwakoti, Ashish Paudyal, Prayas Sapkota, Pratik Poudel, Sagar Nyapane, Sakar Budathoki, and others. This play, which portrays life, aims to sensitize the audience about the significance of life, according to the playwright Thakuri.